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Last updated at 15:37 08/01/2023
1. Usage concept
a. Product
ADS products are applications, websites and existing physical goods that are offered to the market to meet a need or desire of a customer.

b. Service
ADS's service is a special type of product, designed to add functions and support the utility needs of customers.

c. Account wallet
ADS account wallet is an electronic wallet, recording the fluctuation of deposit/payment amount, the account wallet has 3 types with different functions:
  • Main wallet: is the wallet showing the amount of money deposited by the customer or reloaded due to the balance from the payment of service bills.
  • Promotion wallet: is a wallet showing the amount of money that is promoted or accumulated, this amount can only be used to pay for ADS's translation products.
  • Cumulative coin wallet: is the coin wallet accumulated by customers from ADS services. This coin will be used to pay for added services of ADS. When the accumulated coin wallet has a balance of 1000 coins or more, you can switch to the promotional wallet to pay for ADS main products and services
The account wallet of ADS has a unit of value conversion according to the face value of Vietnam dong, which is 1=1.

d. Used Time:
As a unit of time specified to use an ADS product or service, time is specified in two forms:
  • Usage time is calculated in clear units of use such as: day, month, year, ...
  • Long-term use time: is a unit of relative nature, applied to a specific individual, object, or unit of use. In case the user, object and unit cannot be used by the customer's management, the usage period is defaulted to expire.

2. Policy of products and services of ADS
ADS products and services are provided to the market based on the ADSTruly platform on the ADSTruly.com website, the usage form is public on each product information, there are 2 forms:

a. Free product and service form
Products and services provided are completely free for customers to use and experience customer care services like paid products. For each free product or service, ADS will attach advertising information (if any) as a fixed element in order to increase revenue, and ADS will cover the costs of meeting these free products and services.

b. Form of products and services for a fee
For paid products and services ADS provides an annoying ad-free experience

3. Accumulate ADS . Coins
Products are applications or websites of ADS, integrated with the function of accumulating coins to help customers expand the experience and accumulate coins into their wallets.
The experiences or information on ADS's coin accumulation platform are actively used by customers, without disturbing the main functions of the software and applications.
Depending on the experience and regulations of the information that the customer experiences, the customer will be rewarded with coins, which will be transferred to the customer's Coin Wallet.

4. Customer care policy
Customer care and support policy is implemented by ADS according to a decentralized information processing process such as:
  • Online care, advice and support
  • Support through the 3rd application for the product is the application installed from the customer side, the 3rd product ADS often uses such as ultraviewer, teamviewers, anydesk,...

5. Transfer policy
For customers using products that are software installed on computers, having the need to switch machines is specified in the following cases:
  • In case the customer uses the product with a fee for the time (month, year, day,...) or the product is free, the transfer policy is conventionally charged or not charged according to regulations. Product pricing policy
  • In case the customer uses the product with a fee for long-term use, the transfer policy is based on the time of using the software and the product price policy as follows:
    • Customers using less than 3 months: Free device transfer
    • Customers using less than 8 years: transfer fee is calculated according to current pricing policy
    • For customers who use the device for 8 years or more, the system does not apply the transfer policy price. Please buy the license for the new device and the data will still be transferred to the new device.

For the computer after the transfer, the license key will be revoked, this computer will not be used for the reverse transfer (if it is still used to install the application, it is considered a new installation).
The porting policy does not apply to online or time-based products or products that use an additional service plan that provides porting.

6. Edit/change product and service policy
Our product - service policy may change from time to time.
We will not reduce your rights under this Product Policy without your express consent.
Any changes We make to this Products and Services Policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate but not deemed to be an obligation of Us, We will notify you. notify these changes to the User by email.
Therefore, We welcome any questions, comments and requests related to this Product Policy from Users and can contact us through the email address pmquocdan@gmail.com or adstruly.com@gmail.com
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